Answering Some Common Questions About Monitored Security Systems

The fear of criminals entering your home and stealing your possessions or damaging your property should be a major concern for most homeowners. Luckily, modern technology has made it possible for individuals to install sophisticated security systems that can help to monitor a home for unauthorized access. However, there are many homeowners that are not particularly experienced with these systems, and if this applies to you, understanding the answers to a few basic questions may help you to make an informed choice for protecting your home.

Will You Need To Have A Landline To Have A Monitored Alarm System?

When monitored security systems were first introduced, they required a landline to be able to communicate with the monitoring center. Unfortunately, there are some homeowners that may overlook the benefits of a monitored alarm system because they are do not want to install a landline. Luckily, many modern security systems can communicate with the monitoring center using a variety of methods including the internet and cell phone signals. Due to the different ways that these systems can communicate, you will need to carefully review each system you are considering to ensure that its communication method will work for your home. For example, a cellular based system may not be the best option for a home in a rural setting that has poor cell phone reception.  

What If You Are Unsatisfied With Your Alarm Monitoring Service?

It is common for individuals to purchase an alarm system from a monitoring company. As a result, they may be under the impression that they will not be able to change their monitoring service. Luckily, this is not the case, and most monitoring services can work with a variety of different alarm systems.  

Do These Alarm Systems Require Regular Maintenance?

When making the decision to have an alarm system installed, some individuals may be hesitant due to a fear of the system requiring intensive and expensive maintenance to keep it working. Fortunately, most alarm systems are extremely low maintenance. In fact, the only work that will be required is an annual servicing and testing. This is necessary to make sure that the various sensors and alarms are working as designed. In addition to checking the sensors, the technician will also test the backup battery to make sure that the system can continue to work in a power failure. Also, the connection to the monitoring center will be tested to ensure that your system is able to quickly and effectively communicate with your monitoring service.

For more information and options, talk with a security systems company, such as Tele-Plus, directly.