Protect Your Business: Why Now’s the Perfect Time to Install a Dedicated Business Phone System

If you run a home-based business, you need to keep your priorities straight right now. The COVID-19 virus has required everyone to tighten their belts, especially small business owners. With the current economic issues, you may think that right now isn't the time to make new investments. That's not the case where your phone service is concerned. If your personal phone is serving dual purposes right now, it's time to make a change. You can't afford to use your personal phone for business purposes anymore. Here are just four of the reasons why you need to switch to a dedicated phone system for your home-based business. 

Protect Your Vital Information

If you're still using your personal cell phone for your business needs, your vital information is at risk. Every time you use your personal phone for business activities, you jeopardize the security of all your important records, including banking information. If your personal cell phone is hacked, criminals gain access to business records, credit cards, and other secure files. The best way to protect those records is to use a separate phone system for your business. 

Prevent Family Interference

If you have kids, they probably like to use your phone for games and other activities. If you use the same phone for business and personal calls, your family activities may be interfering with your success. That's because vital calls may be missed while your kids are playing on your phone. Also, if you and your family share a phone plan, you may run out of data. Avoid the problems with missed calls and data caps. Invest in a dedicated business phone. 

Avoid Unwanted Spam Calls

If your phone is getting jammed with spam calls, it's time to switch to a dedicated business phone system. Robocalls and telemarketers make a mess of personal cell phones. Do-not-contact lists only work a fraction of the time. That means many of those telemarketer calls are making it through to your personal phone. When you have a dedicated business phone, you can use an answering service to weed out unwanted spam calls. 

Keep Your Number Active

If you've ever changed your phone number, you know how difficult it can be to reestablish the right contacts. However, there are times when you need to change your personal phone number. One of the benefits of having a dedicated business phone is that you can change your personal number without affecting your customers.

Discover for yourself how business phone installation services can benefit your business operations.